You can find a lot of tennis tournaments and competitions in Barcelona,

according to the level, age and experience of each player.

The best tennis tournaments Barcelona and Spain

No matter what your age, level or experience playing tennis is, in Barcelona you’ll find a wide range of tournaments to choose the one that fits you better. Look:

  • 50 or more international tournaments between futures/challengers/atp/wta players from Barcelona and Spain.
  • 30 tournaments Circuit Open FCT*.
  • 9 Circuit FCT for juniors (under 10/12/14/16/18).
  • 40 or more summer tournaments, circuit FCT.
  • Tournaments during weekends for juniors (under 10/12/14/16/18).
  • National tournaments around Spain.

*All tennis tournaments in Barcelona are organized and supervised for the Catalan Tennis Federation (FCT), an institution that depending on the results gives points that counts on the national ranking.

Tennis Tournaments Spain: The Supervision

We take very seriously the results our players show during any plan they pick and so we take proper control of each process. For that matter we have implemented our own system of punctuation that implies a reevaluation from time to time to give a better look to the points that need to be improve. What we do is readjusted the training programs according to the information we collect.

We offer a full program of individual competition for all players which includes personal supervision during tennis tournaments in Barcelona, a complete statistical data of all performances in tournaments, an assessment of your performance with a video and an analysis of all your games and training routines focused on the tournament in question before, during and after the competition.

We also provide a mental training to teach them how to deal with complicated sport situations and motivation for each tournament.