The Adults Player Program has been designed for people who want to enjoy the experience of training as a pro for a week and also a program for weekends in a relaxing environment close to the beach, with the chance to get to know the beautiful city of Barcelona.

This is why we’re always trying to sketch every programs keeping in mind that we’re here to play tennis in the best way we can. For that we have programs extensions from a week to a hole year.

Our programs go from 3 to 5 hours of training (tennis + fitness) a day (Monday to Friday).


We offer 3 different weekly programs:

Includes technical-tactical-math play and physical training.

  1. Basic training program: Is a 3 hours training everyday: 2 hours dedicated to tennis + 1 hour for fitness.
  2. Intense training program: Is a 4 hours training everyday: 3 hours dedicated for tennis + 1 hour for fitness.
  3. Pro training program: Is a double session training (morning and afternoon) 5 hours training everyday: 4 hours dedicated for tennis + 1 hour for fitness. You’ll have double session training: technical session in the morning and tactical in the afternoon.

Trainings are in the mornings so the player have the rest of the day to enjoy the city.

Weekend program:

  1. Basic weekend program: Is a basic training program from Friday afternoon (1 session) to Sunday noon with 3 hours of training a day: 2 hours for tennis and 1 hour for fitness. It’s a 9 hours training program.
  2. Intense weekend program: Is an intense training program from Friday afternoon 1 session of 3 hours (2 hours dedicated for tennis + 1 hour for fitness) and Saturday and Sunday double session. With the weekend program you’ll have 5 hours of training a day for a total of 10 hours tennis + 3 hours fitness.
  3. Pro weekend program: It’s an intense and double session training program from Thursday afternoon (a 3 hour session) and from friday til sunday double seasion (4 hours dedicated for tennis + 1 hour for fitness). Total program for 14 hours tennis + 4 hours for fitness.

All these programs and schedules are planned to reach your personal goals in tennis.

Consult with us if it’s best for you to make changes on the duration or days of the program.

Prices of programs



Basic Program 575€
Intense Program 625€
Pro Program 675€
Basic Program 425€
Intense Program 525€
Pro Program 625€



Basic program
2+ players 500€
8+ players 425€
Intense program
2+ players 550€
8+ players 475€
Pro program
2+ players 575€
8+ players 500€
Basic program
2+ players 375€
8+ players 325€
Intense program
2+ players 475€
8+ players 425€
Pro program
2+ players 575€
8+ players 525€


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