Here in The Walter Grünfeld Tennis Academy we have divided all our programs and tennis lessons in specific areas and levels in order to cover all the needs a tennis player may have and the expectations they might have from a training center, doing our best to help in the most effective and progressive way, giving every player a personalized treat during the training that fit their own individual goals.

The structure of our tennis lessons Barcelona covers all the different areas of training to give both parents and players a variety of options that help them get closer to their dreams while we stand beside until they reach them. To accomplish that we have programs extensions from a week to a hole year, all of them with the same intensity, passion and conviction of getting the job done.

We’re always trying to personalize every program of our tennis classes in Barcelona to work on the goals we and our players have set for them. That’s why we classify our goals in short, medium and long terms: because depending on the results and progress we make the changes we think we need to take a leap to the final goal.

All the programs from our tennis Lessons in Spain included from 5 to 7 hours of training (tennis + fitness) a day (From Monday to Friday). Normally on court training (3 to 4 hours) and fitness (2 to 3 hours).

We’re always trying to customize every program to fit every player’s goals and depending on the results we make the changes we need to help them in the best way we can.

Tennis camps all year

-The prices per week for the tennis stages during the year

-Complete tennis program only

1 week 625€

2 week 575€ each

3 week 525€ each

4 week 475€ each

2 month 450€ per week

3 month 450€ per week

*Accommodation and meals per week from 500€ depends on time of the year and kind of Lodging

*Depending group or needs will inform best possible price



1. Training sessions in groups of 2, 3 and 4 players, 5 or 6 hours a day with a personal coach all the way. The coaches will be responsible for their players during the training period.
2. Fitness training 2 hours a day.
3. Membership to the gym.
4. Mental training every week.
5. One fitness evaluation when you get here and a new one every 3 or 4 months.
6. General and personal fitness program.
7. A customize diet set by a nutritionist following your needs.
8. Transportation from and to the airport.
9. Initial and final report (depending on the time you’re staying).
10. A personal plan to follow once your tennis classes in Barcelona are over and you’re back to your country.


1. An extra private coaching.
2. An individual mental program.
3. A complete effort test to measure: running, breathing, etc.
4. Companion and supervision in case there’s games outside the Barcelona area.
5. Massages, transportation and extra appointments with the nutritionist.
6. Physiotherapist and medical supervision in case is not included in the medical insurance you get for your tennis lessons in Spain.
7. Transportation to every tournament there is.
8. Extra session of individual fitness training.
9. Medical insurance in Spain.
10. Individual coaching.

The most important thing? A complete year of personal training hand to hand
with the most qualified coaches in Spain.

The season training program has been design to help those players who need or want to work on their game but can’t stay in Barcelona for more than 3 months. Our goal is to develop the most important abilities for them to close gaps or weaker points on their tennis. The players come back to their countries with specific programs (to cover fitness, mental and technical training) to keep working on their techniques when they leave us. We’ll also be in touch to keep an eye on their progress.

In case someone needs help with his training in his hometown or in some tournament, we offer personal companion and counseling.

This program has been adapted for players who have to finish school or play some tournaments and don’t have time to stay with us much longer.

What we aim is to work the basic needs and make improvements we’ve previously discuss with the player to focus all the time on them to see results. This is also a program that suits very well for players who are in Barcelona for a tournament. They’ll have all the support, training and coaching to get the best result.

This program is for young players in their earlier years on tennis who are willing to live an intense experience to get in the heart of the sport.

We’re looking to give them a new input and make them live the tennis world from the inside so they can understand more and grow in every aspect. This help them to create a little bit perspective of what they’re getting into.

We’ll make a complete analysis of their skills follow by a complete report and some ideas of how to work to get more benefits, always looking forward to maintain the bond between coach and apprentice.

This a program for young players who are just getting started on tennis but are willing to live an intense experience to get in the heart of the sport.

What we’re looking for is to give them some perspective of what is really a competitions form the inside and make them live the tennis in a way they can understand more and grow in every aspect.

A complete analysis of your skills will be made, follow by an extend report and several tips of how you can get more benefits from your workout.