Why and when Walter Grunfeld Tennis Academy began? 

The academy was born because teaching tennis is my passion and I only have one more wish beside doing this for the rest of my life: to help players to reach their own dreams. And it starts with you now.


What’s the best age to start playing tennis at the academy?

There is not a age limit to start playing. You can start with us since the moment you decide you want to go serious on tennis.


What times at day can I attend to the academy? 

This is a full time job so you should come every day, combining the training with school.

How much is it cost to be a member of the academy? 

I’m a big fan of personal attention and that’s a very important part of our philosophy.
You can call us to find out about the price and any other details you might wanna ask.


Where are the residences? 

We have several options, all of them very close to the academy. I can help you to choose the one that suits your needs better.


How do I know what courses should I take in Spain if I come from another country’s school? 

Once you tell us what you need, we can help you to figure this out.

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