Tennis popularity is increasing thanks to the tactics that implies (which draws the attention of both young and adult people) and the benefits that leads its practice. What if, beside practice tennis in one of the top tennis academies in Spain, you could come and spend your holidays in Gaudi’s hometown? Because holidays are the perfect time to do both things and one doesn’t nullify the other, Tennis Holidays in Spain is the perfect program for you.

What is it about? Tennis Holidays in Spain is a complete program custom design for every player to take care of their shape and improve their abilities in the field, always with the aim of achieving the goals they set to themselves at the beginning of the program.

We’ve seen that all the people who dare to be part of the Tennis Summer Camp in Spain program improve their concentration, speed, balance and coordination and, at the same time, they experiment an increase in their physical strength and their resistance which translate into less risk of heart diseases and obesity problems.


1 week 625€.
2 week 575€ each week.
3 week 525€ each week.
4 week 475€ each week.
2 month 450€ each week.
3 month 450€ each week.

**Accommodation and meals per week from 500€ depends on time of the year and kind of Lodging

*Depending group or needs will inform best possible price

Benefits of the
Spanish Tennis Camp

The benefits of the Spanish Tennis Camp go beyond the sport side. Tennis is a challenge for your mind and body that leads you to develop discipline and teach you to learn from your mistakes.

Such a technical sport it only increases your confidence and self- control, and forces you to learn how to act under pressure by solving tricky situations in matter of seconds. Our Tennis Winter Camp in Barcelona offers you activities to test your mental training, nutrition counseling and fully access to the gym and all the other environments of the club.

Personal development in the
Barcelona Tennis Camp

For an incredible summer try the Barcelona Tennis Camp, the most ideal way to spend your holidays by enjoying a sport camp, meeting people with interests alike and playing tennis under the beautiful weather of Barcelona. It’s common that players from all over the world meet in the Tennis Holidays in Spain program, mostly because they have the chance to live a multicultural experience that opens their minds.

Tennis Camp in Barcelona:
a place for everybody

Our Tennis Summer Camp in Barcelona is a pack of customized classes for any player at any level of training: from beginners who don’t know how to grab a racket to players who want to rise their level to professional players who are looking to keep getting better.

Tennis Holidays Barcelona:
an unforgettable experience

The most amazing part of the Tennis Holidays in Barcelona are the benefits you get from a fast and dynamic sport like tennis. This plan has been thought as an experience of liberty and joy with Barcelona as the perfect scenario to make it happen.

An intensive training for tennis players

If your dream is to become in a professional tennis player and you want to improve your skills, Tennis Winter Camp in Barcelona is your best option. Here you can increase your skills and abilities to become in a professional tennis player in a record time, as long as you strive and give the best of yourself. In the Tennis Winter Camp we have the best teachers, who are a very successful tennis player and want to help others make their dreams come true. They will teach you all the secrets of this sport, starting with how to grab a racket and the best ball shots to the diet you should follow. In other words: all you need to know about tennis to play excellent. Tennis Winter Camp is an intensive training, where you can learn all about tennis in a funny way with a professional teachers and specialists in each area.

A different way to spend the summer

Are you tired of spend all your summers in the same way? If this is your situation, you have an opportunity to change your life with the Tennis Summer Camp in Barcelona. This camp has been designed as a space where people of all ages and with varying levels of tennis can spend the summer enjoining and doing sport. Tennis Summer Camp offers a wide range of possibilities for all the people who want to get in shape, learn how to play tennis as a true professional and meet people from all over the world. So if you are interested in spend your summer in a different way and to take advantage of your holidays doing something new, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us.


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