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Walter Grünfeld

Tennis Academy

Full time player programs

In order to cover all our player’s needs, we have divided our programs according to the working area and giving every player personal attention and all the tools they need to reach their own individual goals.

Our academy’s structure is not only at our players services, but it gives them and their parents several options to work on their game without leaving behind the academic life. This is why we’re always trying to sketch every programs keeping in mind that we’re here to play tennis in the best way we can. For that we have programs extensions from a week to a hole year.

Our programs go from 5 to 7 hours of training (tennis + fitness) a day (Monday to Friday): 3 to 4 hours for training on the field and 2 o 3 hours for fitness.


All the programs include:

  1. Training sessions in small groups of 4 players, 5 or 6 hours a day with a 2 hour fitness training. A personal couch will be beside you the entire session.
  2. Full access to the gym.
  3. One session of mental training every week.
  4. Fitness evaluation when you get here and a couple more every 3 or 4 months, depending on your level.
  5. Personal and general fitness program.
  6. Blood and urine test once a year.
  7. An evaluation by a nutritionist and a nutritional program to follow.
  8. Transportation from and to the airport.
  9. A report every 3 months to measure the progress of every player.
  10. A plan to follow once the player is back to his country.

Also these services for an extra cost:

  1. An extra session of private coaching.
  2. An individual mental program.
  3. An effort test to see how you’re running, breathing, etc.
  4. Counseling and accompaniment if there’s a game outside of Barcelona.
  5. Transportations from game to game, massages and appointments with the nutritionist.
  6. Medical supervision and a physiotherapist to check your body after every game.
  7. Transportation to every tournament.
  8. An extra session of fitness training just for you.
  9. Medical insurance in Spain.
  10. Individual coaching.

Beside all this, you can have a complete year of personal training hand to hand with the most qualified coaches in Spain.

If you’re wondering about the Holidays, we take 2 weeks in August and 2 weeks in December (from 22th to January 6th).