For all the young players study and parents is so important to have this area perfectly cover. We can offer different options to them to make this easy and succesfull at the same time they are working full time on their tennis.

For us also is very important to work on their future not only about their tennis then we will be checking very close. This issue and we will be a team all together (parents/player/tutors/coaches) to reach a good end of their studies.

  • We have a team of tutors that will help all the players to make sure they achieve the results out of theirs distance studies.
  • Also we have contacts with differents schools and systems to get this issue perfectly cover and for their future here.
  • We can preparate the players and help them to apply to the university in America if is your choice.

Residence / Lodging

Our academy provides with different options to the players and families to live close and in a confortable way here in Barcelona. We offer from family houses to aparthotels rent a flat or other options to fullfill all the different needs for al of you.

Here are someof the options recommended by the proximity, accessibility and quality of facilities:

Hotel AC Gava Mar

Apartaments Velor

Apartaments Marsol