What is to be a professional? 

Be or become a professional player is not only to have points or ranking or the talent or capacity to get them. A professional player goes a lot further than what you see on count or what the mayority of the people think or believe.

To become a real professional is a feeling a strenght that you built inside a feeling that you don’t born with it, you must develop it day by day, year after year, till obtain a hiper/level of professionality in all aspects that exist inside of this word. We can say so easy he is a or an a professional, but is so important to understand that a professional player is made by his acts and with his conduct all the time. After understand this point we can go though all the stapes and changes that a player needs to make to become a real professional and be proud of himself of achieving this level of excelency in sports.


What to accept?

First of all the player have to accept all the changes he must do on his daily routine and daily life and also the sacrifices to make to be able with a long process to become one of this elite persons that we called “professional players”.

Where should be done this?

This changes that we mention are changes that the player should make not only on count, during trainings or during competition, or on his fitness and mental trainings. All this goes a lot further than a part of the daily routine and specificly issues related to tennis.

The biggest change and most important is to change ourself. To become one of “then” is necessary to change all our wrong concepts and ideas about what is a normal player (what we normally are) and see really the differences with a professional and then act, behave, and correct in a specific way each one of our responsabilities toward our sport.


What we do then?

Now we have to number the issues and routines that lead a player to become a professional when we got this list start to make the changes y help you!! but first…

  • A professional player is someone special compare to other sport people. “He is diferent”.
  • A professional player develop this attitude and built his way to become one day by day through a long process of years of learning which will allow him to be part of this elite of sports people different to the rest a professional player.