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Walter Grünfeld

Tennis Academy

Here we make your dreams come true

We just have one goal: that every player who train whith us become the best tennis player he or she can be

We’re in Barcelona, the best place to develop your skills

Working to reach your dream is our ultimate goal.


Sports and Summer Camps

We offer summer camps, sport camps and spanish clases beside other activities like training and holiday tourism in Barcelona so you enjoy even more your staying here.



Sports Tourism

We offer you the opportunity to experience and live every exciting aspect of the city: enjoy the breathtaking passion of football, the culture way of life , ITS people , food and all the others attractions the city has waiting for you.




Tennis Club

Our academy offers to all our players a professional approach to tennis in order to form athletes and cultivate their future careers.





Our programs are organized into areas and levels to cover every inidividual need our players have.




Barcelona is the home of many tennis tournaments and competitions of every level, age and experience.




Currently run by Walter Grünfeld himself, an argentinian ex tennis player with more than 20 years of experience training professionals players, the academy’s philosophy is to offer each of our students a professional approach to tennis so they can see that, yes, it can be a hobby, but it could be a prolific career if they train hard and let us help them in every step of the process.

You, our tennis academy and Spain: a dream team

As you might know, tennis in Spain is a big deal, but our idea is bigger than just a tennis school in Barcelona. Yes, we want to get the best tennis player out of you, but alongside this is Barcelona! And while you’re here, why not to explore every side of the city? As an academy concerned about the different ages and hobbies, we offer sports summer camps as an alternative to stimulate you and your children to have a healthy life while you have fun and explore the beautiful city of Barcelona. All our summer plans includes a variety of options so you can choose the one that suits you and your family better.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you for a week, a month, or an entire year of training and being witnesses of your growing. You’re gonna be in one of the best tennis academies in Spain. Take the leap!

Barcelona Tennis Academy in Spain

If you’re reading this is because you’re looking for a place to practice and upgrade your tennis skills in Barcelona… and you couldn’t get to a better place.

Walter Grünfeld Tennis Academy: more than just a Tennis Academy in Barcelona

The Walter Grünfeld Tennis Academy is an international training centre located in the heart of Barcelona and one of the best tennis academies in Spain, with a professional approach to the game and the steps you should take to built a career as a professional player capable to get into the ATP list.

One of the top tennis academies in Barcelona

Our Barcelona tennis academy offers not only one of the most complete training programs that can be personalized to suit every individual requirement, but a constant companion and a long- term relationship with every player to make sure he or she takes the right steps into persuing a career in tennis and reach every professional goal they have. Our plans cover the mental, physical, technical and tactical area as well as the nutritional part of it that helps every player to get their body healthy and stronger. The academy’s stunning outdoor tennis fields makes everything easier.


“The Walter Grünfeld Tennis Academy is a place to get the best out of every player.

The people who work here and the people we support have one thing in common: we all dream about tennis.”

Walter Grünfeld


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